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    Our new Cerebrum podcast features Ray Dingledine, Ph.D., and Bjørnar Hassel, M.D., Ph.D., longtime research collaborators and authors of our May Cerebrum article, “A New Approach for Epilepsy.” Hear about a new therapeutic approach, the evolution of drug development, and the pros and cons of a high-fat diet that is capable of alleviating seizures in young children. 

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Top Stories

The Neuroscience of Bedtime

by Dirk Hanson

Chronically rising too early or too late can lead to health troubles.

Depression, the Placebo Effect, and the Brain

by Kayt Sukel

People who react strongly to placebos also react strongly to antidepressants, and vice versa, according to new research. Splitting clinical trials by reactor/nonreactor might help researchers better test a potential drug’s effectiveness.

How Zika Virus Affects the Developing Brain

by Moheb Costandi



After crossing the placenta, the virus appears to kill the radial glia, the ‘founder’ stem cells that generate all cell types in the cortex.




Two Unique Alzheimer’s Studies

by Guy McKhann, MD


There is a great value in carefully developed longitudinal studies. Our monthly column from Brain in the News



Investigating Connectivity

by Carl Sherman

Researchers share progress on the effects of altering synaptic connections in the brain at a symposium at the New York Academy of Sciences.

A Study of Motivation

by Kayt Sukel


 R. Alison Adcock, M.D., Ph.D.

It’s difficult to know what motivates people, but R. Alison Adcock’s lab is using imaging to study how states like desire and curiosity can facilitate “motivated memory.” Her work could have implications in the education field, but also in other learning contexts like psychotherapy and behavior change. One of our series of Neuroscientist Q&As.


A New Approach for Epilepsy

May 5, 2016

 by Ray Dingledine, Ph.D. and Bjørnar Hassel, M.D., Ph.D.

 Cerebrum - article

About one-third of the 65 million people worldwide affected by epilepsy are treatment-resistant, and the degree to which they suffer from seizures and convulsions can vary widely. Findings from a new study, our authors believe, may very well initiate a shift to new therapeutic approaches.

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