Get to Know Your BRAIN

Guy McKhann, MD
March 2014
President Obama's BRAIN Initiative is a worthwhile endeavor, but there are reasons to be skeptical of its potential impact.

What Is the Language of the Brain?

Guy McKhann, MD
February 2014
Scientists are getting a better idea of the brain's wiring. But what is the message coming over these wires? What language does the brain use for its internal communication?

From Humans to Mice and Back

Guy McKhann, MD
January 2014
In the study of disease, going from recognizing a familial pattern to an understanding of the underlying genetics is a crucial step.

DABI: 20th Anniversary

Guy McKhann, MD
November 2013
Much has been accomplished during the past 20 years, but the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives continually explores what we can do better and what additional or new directions we can take. Here are some thoughts as we look toward the future.

Deep Brain Stimulation: a Therapy and Investigative Tool

Guy McKhann, MD
September 2013
We're still learning about the potential benefits of deep brain stimulation, which not only treats disorders but helps us better understand the brain.

Memory is Not Infallible

Guy McKhann, MD
August 2013
In this issue, we turn from memory in large structures to memory at a cellular level.

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