New Grants to Increase Public Interest in Brain Science

    The launch of a new partnership between the Dana Foundation and the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) is calling for applications through August 9, 2019 for new grants to increase opportunities for outreach in countries outside of Europe and North America.

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  • Moxon

    Cerebrum Podcast:
    Mind Over Matter: Cognitive Neuroengineering

    UC Davis Neurorobotics Laboratory Director and Cerebrum author Karen Moxon discusses her Cerebrum article, the future of machine-brain interface, and the emerging technology’s privacy and other ethical concerns. 

  • Heather Berlin and standup comedian Chuck Nice

    Dana Podcast:
    Your Brain on Improv

    Cognitive neuroscientist Heather Berlin and standup comedian Chuck Nice team to explain the mechanisms in the brain that allow you to think and act spontaneously in your everyday life—or in the spotlight. 

  • Todd Feinberg and Jon Mallatt’s Consciousness Demystified

    Cerebrum Book Review

    Richard Brown reviews Consciousness Demystified, a book that attempts to sort through some of the mysteries surrounding consciousness.

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Top Stories

Investigating Individual Differences

by Kayt Sukel

Individual-differences-tWe are not all wired the same: The same signal can take vastly different paths through the connections of the brain from person to person—and even in the same person at different times. Researchers are applying an idea from physics to try to explain how and why.

A Delicate Balance: Risks, Rewards, and the Adolescent Brain

by Carl Sherman


Why are otherwise smart, savvy young people notoriously prone to unwise, often impulsive actions that put themselves and others at risk? Experts weigh in on this and other questions in our new Briefing Paper. 

Minding the Brain Machines

by Philip M. Boffey

Phil_Boffey_tAdvances in linking brain signals to computers are developing so rapidly that analyses of their ethical implications are straining to keep up. Our monthly Neuroethics column.



Sound Effects: The Link Between Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline

by Kayt Sukel


Sensory difficulties, like hearing loss or vision problems, are not just about those senses but also the extra cognitive effort it takes to understand them. Dana Foundation grantee Jonathan Peelle talks about the cognitive challenges involved with hearing issues, how even slight deficits in “normal” hearing levels can lead to changes in how sound is processed, and why this work may offer us new insights into how hearing may be linked to the development of dementias. One of our series of Q&As with neuroscientists.

Dementia and Gum Disease

by Moheb Costandi


Dismissed by scientists for decades, the idea that infection might contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease gains traction.





Your Aesthetic Brain:
A Growing Case for the Arts

July 11, 2019

by Susan Magsamen

Your Brain on Art: The Case for Neuroaesthetics (spotlight)

Our author tells us how the new and expanding field of neuroaesthetics—using music, art, theater, dance, literature, landscape, and media—has the power to treat any number of disorders.

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10/17/2019- 10/18/2019

International Neuroethics Society

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Neuroscience 2019

10/19/2019- 10/23/2019

Society for Neuroscience

Chicago, IL

Learning How to Learn

11/22/2019- 11/24/2019

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Successful Aging & Your Brain Puzzles

Successful Aging & Your Brain Puzzles Have fun while keeping your mind sharp! (PDF)

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BrainWorks - In this episode, join bioengineering professor Eric Chudler and a group of curious kids investigating brain-computer interfaces. This episode was just nominated for a NW Emmy Award.