• Brain-Bee-winner-2017

    2017 NYC Regional Brain Bee Champions

    Winsome Ching took home the grand prize in Saturday’s Regional Brain Bee at Columbia University in New York City. The local event is part of an annual international neuroscience competition. Regional winners advance into the national and then international competitions during the spring and summer months as part of Brain Awareness Week (BAW).

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  • Finding the Hurt in Pain By Irene Tracey, Ph.D. - Author

    Finding the Hurt in Pain

    Pain is unique to every person, and difficult to quantify and treat. Imaging pain is beginning to change the treatment landscape and having an increasing impact in the judiciary and in resolving end-of-life issues. This month’s podcast—featuring the author of last month’s Cerebrum article, “Finding the Hurt in Pain”—discusses the latest research the implications of further advances.  

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    Get Ready for Brain Awareness Week

    Join the global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. Become a partner and organize an activity, or attend events in your area by searching the BAW Calendar of Events

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  • Ricardo_Maccioni

    In the Lab

    Dana Alliance member Ricardo B. Maccioni at the University of Chile Medical School talks about his work studying the biology of neuronal cells and medical solutions for Alzheimer’s disease. (PDF)

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  • Brain Glossary

    Brain Terms Glossary

    Find definitions for common brain terms in our newly expanded glossary.

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Top Stories

How Brain-Machine Interfaces Engage Neural Plasticity

by Kayt Sukel


The brain adapts as it interacts with prosthetics driven by thought, which in turn may mean prosthetics need to adapt as well. 




Searching for Effective Interventions in Dyslexia

By Kayt Sukel

Experimental trials of methods of sound discrimination and visual discrimination suggest new methods to try to help children read.

Machine Learning

by Guy McKhann, MD


 Advances in analysis might help doctors and patients better predict when a seizure is coming onOur monthly column, by Guy McKhann, MD, in Brain in the News.


Music as the Brain’s Universal Language

By Kayt Sukel

Charles LimbIn his recent research, Dana Foundation grantee Charles Limb found that musicians used the language areas of their brains when performing instrumental improvisation. In our new Scientist Q&A, he ponders the question: Could music be the mind’s universal language?

Mental Math and the Fine-Tuning of Emotions

by Sandra J. Ackerman

Why would being good at mental arithmetic make you good at managing your feelings?

Finding Clues to Schizophrenia Outside Neurons

by Ariel Y. Deutch, Ph.D.


The recent discovery of key roles of non-neuronal cells such as microglia in the development of schizophrenia opens the door to the development of new types of therapies for an illness for which we need far better treatments. One in our series of Reports on Progress.

Incorporating Sex Influences into Today’s Brain Research

Kayt Sukel

The need to incorporate sex influences in brain research is becoming more widely accepted, but how the research community should address sex as a biological variable remains hotly debated. One of our series of Briefing Papers.


Examining the Causes of Autism

February 8, 2017

by David G. Amaral, Ph.D.

 Cerebrum - article

Autism is broad, complex, and seemingly, on the rise. Our author examines the factors that contribute to a brain disorder that effects as many as one in forty-five newborns.

Events and Deadlines

The Beautiful Brain: The Drawings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal

1/28/2017- 5/21/2017

Weisman Art Museum

Minneapolis, MN

Neuroscience and the Law


Baruch College

New York, NY

Brain Awareness Week

3/13/2017- 3/19/2017

The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives


Targeting Tau in Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders


The New York Academy of Sciences

New York, NY

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