• Paul-Bolam-FENS2016

    Awards for Neuroscience Outreach

    Professor Paul Bolam (UK) and The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences (Israel) were awarded prestigious prizes for their outreach efforts on behalf of neuroscience. The awards were presented during the FENS Forum this past weekend.

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  • Cerebrum - 0716 - Ellen K. Silbergeld, Ph.D. - cont

    The Drinking Water Conundrum

    How effective is the Clean Water Act? How can you find out if your drinking water is safe? Has the calamity in Flint, Michigan changed things? This month’s Cerebrum podcast features Ellen K. Silbergeld, Ph.D., author of our July article, “Drinking Water and the Developing Brain.” Silbergeld, a Johns Hopkins professor and winner of a MacArthur Foundation genius grant, is one of the world’s foremost experts on water neurotoxicity.

  • Brain Glossary

    Brain Terms Glossary

    Find definitions for common brain terms in our newly expanded glossary.

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  • Grega_Repovs

    European Dana Alliance Member Q&A

    Grega Repovš at the University of Ljubljana talks about his work studying brain connectivity and his efforts to promote research connectivity as well as public awareness of brain issues in Slovenia. (PDF)

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Top Stories

Brain Stimulation + Imaging Pack Dual Punch to Treat, Unravel Depression Circuitry

Brenda Patoine

Amit Etkin (thmb)We speak with Dana grantee Amit Etkin, whose lab is investigating the use of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in combination with whole-brain EEG and functional MRI (fMRI) to treat depression and to help unravel its underlying brain circuitry. One of our series of Scientist Q & As.

Predicting Effects of Surgery on Cognition

by Carl Sherman

At a recent NYAS conference, researchers compare notes, trying to suss out why so many older people show signs of delirium just after surgery, and to predict which ones will progress to longer-term dysfunction and earlier-onset dementia.

Will Neuroscience and Law Collide?

By Moheb Costandi

Steve_HymanIn his neuroethics lecture at the recent FENS forum, Steven Hyman described how what scientists have learned about conditions like schizophrenia and addiction suggests that they may strip a person’s agency, or “free will.” But data so far don’t yet reach the bar that law demands.

Paving the Way for Apps in Mental Health Care

Kayt Sukel

MentalHealthApps (thmb)The World Health Organization estimates that 55 percent of individuals in developed countries like the U.S. are not getting the mental health treatment they require. Can mental health apps help fill the void for those who lack access to in-person care? One of our series of Briefing Papers.


Here’s to the Tinkerers

by Guy McKhann, MD


French neurosurgeon Alim-Louis Benabid may not have been the likeliest candidate to come up with a novel use for deep brain stimulation, but his pioneering method helped treat Parkinson's disease. Our monthly column from Brain in the News


A Bayesian Approach to the Brain

by Florent Meyniel, Ph.D.


Bayesian tools, part of probability theory, are useful whenever quantitative analysis is needed, such as in statistics, data mining, or forecasting. However, Bayesian concepts have much further reaching implications in neuroscience: They are essential to the way we think about the brain. One in our series of Reports on Progress.


Drinking Water and the Developing Brain

July 11, 2016

 by Ellen K. Silbergeld, Ph.D.

 Cerebrum - article

While the problem of unsafe tap water in Flint, Michigan fueled outrage and better awareness in regard to potentially harmful contaminants, many have yet to be evaluated, much less regulated, as they pertain to brain development.

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Alzheimer's Disease as a Neurovascular Inflammatory Disorder


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Cerebrum Anthology 2015:

Cerebrum Anthology 2015: Bringing together more than a dozen articles and book reviews from the 2015 monthly Web edition, offering inquisitive readers the chance to read about new and provocative ideas in neuroscience from a cross-section of prominent neuroscientists.

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Zika: Advancements in Research to Tackle the Virus. Capitol Hill Briefing took place on Wednesday, July 6, 2016; panelists were Hongjun Song, Ph.D., and John Brownstein, Ph.D.