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Paving the Way for Apps in Mental Health Care

The World Health Organization estimates that 55 percent of individuals in developed countries like the U.S. are not getting the mental health treatment they require. Can mental health apps help fill the void for the millions who lack access to in-person care? 

Can Strong Communities Build Resilience in Military Children?

Research presented at the recent Pediatric Academic Societies meeting suggests that the number of mental-health diagnoses among children with parents in the military has increased in the past decade. Other research suggests that coordinated medical care and specific social supports might help all children thrive.

Kids and Football

A prominent researcher doesn't think kids should play tackle football. Is there a right answer in this debate?

The Long-Term Effects of Adolescent Alcohol Exposure

Researchers find clues to why teens binge and which brain areas may be most susceptible to danger during this sensitive period.

The Placebo Effect

What is a "placebo effect" and how can it be neutralized?

What Were You Thinking?! – Understanding the Neurobiology of the Teen Brain

Wrong-headed teen behavior isn’t due necessarily a lack of knowing right from wrong, but rather an inability to hold back the wrong answer or behavior. One of our series of Reports on Progress.