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Recent Articles

Mental illness, Violence, and Stigma--The Need for Accuracy in the Media

How tightly is violence tied to mental illness? Not as tight as US journalism makes it appear, researchers say.

Seeking Clues to Stuttering Deep Within the Brain

People who stutter have no problems with memory, syntax, grammar, word finding, or articulation. Scientists theorized that there must be some extremely specific population of neurons somewhere in the brain that are affected.

Drinking Water and the Developing Brain

(Listen to Q&A with Ellen K. Silbergeld, Ph.D.)
While the problem of unsafe tap water in Flint, Michigan fueled outrage and better awareness in regard to the hazards of lead in tap water, the problem has existed in city after city for years in the US and in other countries. Our article examines the potentially harmful contaminants that have yet to be evaluated, much less regulated, as they pertain to brain development.

The Mindful Brain

 Mindfulness-based meditation is now established as a valid stress-reduction tool, backed by a growing body of solid science illuminating its effects on the brain and health.


Growth Charts for Brain Development?

An early, prospective study suggests that pinpointing where children are on a scale of brain connectivity could tell doctors which child is at risk of developing problems.

Can Strong Communities Build Resilience in Military Children?

Research presented at the recent Pediatric Academic Societies meeting suggests that the number of mental-health diagnoses among children with parents in the military has increased in the past decade. Other research suggests that coordinated medical care and specific social supports might help all children thrive.