Public Mental Health and Economic Difficulties

Published: January 7, 2021

We discuss public mental health, the economic factors associated with higher risks of depression, and how pervasive depression and anxiety appear to be in US adults during the COVID-19 era with public health specialist Catherine Ettman, director of Strategic Initiatives in the Office of the Dean at the Boston University School of Public Health. Ettman’s research reveals the degree to which mass traumatic events affect the population’s mental health and who likely bears the brunt of the pandemic’s mental health toll. Follow Ettman’s work and learn more about mental health at the BU School of Public Health website: Podcast transcript Follow Ettman at BU School of Public Health: Ettman et al. JAMA article discussed in the episode:…llarticle/2770146 Ettman et al. JECH article on financial stressors and higher depression:…4/jech-2020-215213 Resources for those in crisis:…tion/index.shtml