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The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives' Successful Aging & Your Brain program includes live public forums, printed and printable resources, and videos.

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Reviews by eminent neuroscientists of specific areas of research, including normal function, disease, and new technologies. 

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Briefing Papers take an in-depth look at basic and timely brain-related topics, like traumatic brain injury and obesity.

Recent Articles

Center Stage for Targeting Migraine and its Treatment

Migraine is not a fatal disorder but can ruin a life and a family. Clinically migraine varies from patient to patient and reflects a highly choreographed interplay between brain and the environment. Here is the latest on what now is understood about migraine and what are becoming effective drug targets for treatment.

Predicting Effects of Surgery on Cognition

At a recent NYAS conference, researchers compare notes, trying to suss out why so many older people show signs of delirium just after surgery, and to predict which ones will progress to longer-term dysfunction and earlier-onset dementia.

Paving the Way for Apps in Mental Health Care

The World Health Organization estimates that 55 percent of individuals in developed countries like the U.S. are not getting the mental health treatment they require. Can mental health apps help fill the void for the millions who lack access to in-person care? 

A New Approach for Epilepsy

(Listen to Q&A with Raymond Dingledine, Ph.D., and Bjørnar Hassel, M.D., Ph.D.)
A new study has found that inhibiting an enzyme that is critical in metabolic communication has an anti-seizure effect in epileptic mice. These findings may very well initiate a shift to new therapeutic approaches for the many people who suffer from seizures and convulsions and who are treatment-resistant.

Depression, the Placebo Effect, and the Brain

People who react strongly to placebos also react strongly to antidepressants, and vice versa, according to new research. Splitting clinical trials by reactor/nonreactor might help researchers better test a potential drug’s effectiveness.

Small Interactions, Big Effects: The Future of Huntington’s Disease Treatment

Researchers investigate an FDA-approved diabetes drug that affects effect on energy production in cells.