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Here's to the Tinkerers

Guy McKhann, MD
Summer 2016
French neurosurgeon Alim-Louis Benabid may not have been the likeliest candidate to come up with a novel use for deep brain stimulation, but his pioneering method helped treat Parkinson's disease.

Mini-Brains, Major Capabilities

Guy McKhann, MD
June 2016
Mini-brains are the latest technological advance to benefit neuroscience. They're currently being used to study Zika; what's next?

Two Unique Alzheimer’s Studies

Guy McKhann, MD
May 2016
There is a great value in carefully developed longitudinal studies.

Zika Virus Update

Guy McKhann, MD
April 2016
What is the pathology of the Zika virus and how can it be combatted?

Cognitive Training: Still a Questionable Area

Guy McKhann, MD
February 2016
It's not easy for brain training companies to prove their products are truly helpful. That doesn't stop them from claiming they are.

Kids and Football

Guy McKhann, MD
December 2015
A prominent researcher doesn't think kids should play tackle football. Is there a right answer in this debate?

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