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Podcast with Dilip V. Jeste, M.D., Author of Ageism: The Brain Strikes Back!

Dilip V. Jeste, M.D, author and senior associate dean for healthy aging at the University of California, San Diego, talks about his Cerebrum magazine cover story, “Ageism: The Brain Strikes Back."

Cerebrum Podcasts

Podcast with Lisa Feldman Barrett, Ph.D., Author of Interoception: The Secret Ingredient

Lisa Feldman Barrett, Ph.D., talks about the internal-sense system, largely below our consciousness, that keeps our bodies and brains going.

Brain Basics

How Caffeine Affects the Brain

Need a caffeine boost to start your day? Learn how caffeine works in your body to keep you awake, and its potential positive and negative side effects.

Communicating Brain Science Podcasts

Neuroscience and the Law – with Francis Shen

With Francis X. Shen, J.D., Ph.D., we discuss the intersection of law and brain science to understand how (and if) insights from neuroscience can make the legal system more just and effective.

Brain Basics

How Stroke Affects the Brain

Strokes, sometimes called "brain attacks," are medical emergencies that cause injury to the brain. Learn how to spot warning signs and what steps you can take to prevent stroke.

Cerebrum Podcasts

Podcast with Mark Shelhamer, Author of Space Between the Ears

Mark Shelhamer, former chief scientist for the NASA Human Research Program, examines what spaceflight can teach us about cognitive performance and mental abilities.

Cerebrum Podcasts

Podcast with Peter Campochiaro, Author of Eye of the Needle

Peter Campochiaro, M.D., a clinician and professor of ophthalmology and neuroscience, talks about about strategies to treat macular degeneration, a condition that affects 200 million people worldwide.

Brain Basics

How Hearing Works

What do you hear? How do you hear? A complex process turns sounds around us into signals that the brain interprets.

Dana Videos

The Vulnerable Brain: Pathways to and from Addiction

What is addiction, and how does it affect and even change the brain? Why are some brains more vulnerable to substance abuse and addiction? In this Dana Foundation Brain Lecture, hosted by Secret Science Club, neuroscientist Yasmin Hurd answers these questions and more.

Brain Basics

Left Brain vs. Right Brain

There’s a common myth that people’s personalities are tied to a dominant side of their brain. But the truth is not that simple.

Brain Basics

The Healthy Skeptic: Brain Training Games

Can brain-training games help your brain stay sharp? Many people use them in hopes of improving memory and warding off dementia, but the claims for these programs often outruns the science.

Brain Awareness Week

Join Us for Brain Awareness Week!

Dana Foundation President Caroline Montojo, Ph.D., invites you to participate in Brain Awareness Week events near to you and online all over the world.

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