This section provides resources to aid partners in planning and promoting BAW events. Good luck and thanks for joining us in this important endeavor!

Event Ideas and Planning
Tips on planning BAW programs and suggested activities for BAW.

Outreach tools
Resources to help promote BAW events, including tips on  working with the media,  media tools, planning public service announcements and proclamations, and reaching your target audience.

Publications and Resources
Publications and promotional materials available for order by BAW partners, and links to publications and resources from the Dana Foundation and other organizations.

Education and Science Resources
Education Resources for scientists, educators, parents, and students, including home and classroom materials from the Dana Foundation and others.

Science Resources from the Dana Foundation, government agencies, international neuroscience societies, and other sources.

Downloadable Materials
Download puzzles for people of all ages, and coloring sheets for young children.

BAW Promotional Piece (PDF)
A campaign brochure ideal to present to potential sponsors and partners. Download or request printed copies at

BAW Partners

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Vanderbilt Brain Institute, Tennessee, USA, BAW 2005

Vanderbilt Brain Institute, Tennessee, USA, BAW 2005


Brain Awareness Week Campaign Headquarters

The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives

505 Fifth Avenue, Sixth Floor
New York, New York 10017
Tel: +1 212 401-1689 
Fax: +1 212 593 7623

Kathleen M. Roina
Campaign Director

Simon Fischweicher
Campaign Coordinator

Simon and Kathleen at the BioBus, part of BraiNY, the New York City Brain Awareness Week campaign. BAW 2013.