Brain Basics


Neuroimaging: Many Analysts, Differing Results
70 teams processed the same collection of fMRI data – using different software, taking different steps, and setting different thresholds—and came to different conclusions more than half the time. With today’s huge datasets and multiple methods of analysis, it’s critical that researchers describe their methods precis...
Making the Most Out of Online Learning
Online learning can be quite effective. Emotional connections with students are key to success, says Mariale Hardiman, Ed.D.—and parents don’t have to be teachers to help their children understand and apply what they are learning online.
Neuroscience Adapts to the Covid World
The impact has been sudden and unprecedented, shifting brain science research priorities, and sending shock waves through academia and the global research community.
Racing to Understand Covid-19 and the Brain
Scientists hope to uncover why the coronavirus sometimes presents neurological symptoms. But how similar is it to other viruses that can invade the nervous system?
That Feeling in Your Bones
Geneticist Gérard Karsenty at Columbia University Medical center turned to neuroscience to learn why our bones do much more than provide protection and support.
Emotional Intelligence Comes of Age
Marc Brackett and Christina Cipriano at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence trace the formation of a young field and its growing impact on education and personal development.
Jumping the Gun
While the mobilization of the world’s scientific community to understand Covid-19 is unprecedented in history, keep in mind that more than 4,000 papers—known as preprints—have yet to be peer-reviewed.
Cerebrum Summer 2020 Issue
Table of contents, with links, for the Summer issue of Cerebrum's emagazine
KidTalk: A Natural Experiment in the Time of Covid-19
A new citizen-science project offers parents a virtual scrapbook to record their children’s speech, so researchers can see how their language skills develop in home settings—as well as see how they may be affected by staying at home during the pandemic.
Dana Foundation Launches New Outreach Grants for Brain Awareness Week
The Dana Foundation will launch a grants program in October to support Brain Awareness Week outreach activities in the U.S. and Canada. Held around the world in mid-March, the annual campaign attracts hundreds of partners each year who plan and perform these activities with the goal of fostering public enthusiasm an...
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