Brain Basics


Understanding Gene/Environment Interactions
While we often talk about our genes as being responsible for individual traits like intelligence and temperament, the environments we live in may have just as much influence on who we are, how we look, and how we behave. Here are the basics.
Ageism: The Brain Strikes Back!
Our authors, who study successful aging and mental illnesses at the University of California, San Diego, address the much-debated, complicated question that many of us have long wondered about: Does the brain improve with age?
Interoception: The Secret Ingredient
Your brain keeps you alive and well by running a metabolic “budget” for your body. Our authors explain how these budgetary activities, and the bodily sensations they create, suggest surprising connections between brain, mind, body, and world.
Narcissism Gets No Respect
Why is narcissistic personality disorder, which has been recognized by the American Psychiatric Association since 1980, under-researched and rarely treated?
Beauty and the Brain
Since 2014, stunning imagery inspired by brain research has launched an annual art exhibition during Brain Awareness Week at the Icahn School of Medicine in NYC.
The Value of Vulnerability
A young clinician who uses a wheelchair has found that sharing his experience and showing vulnerability helps many kinds of patients.
Cerebrum Summer 2021 Issue
Table of contents, with links, for this issue of Cerebrum's emagazine
Keeping a Close Eye on Organoids
New stem cell-based brain models may yield insights into development and function, disease and possible therapies. But as the power of the models advances, so do the ethical concerns they raise.
A New Window into the Living Brain
By adding analysis methods from astronomy to an imaging tool doctors use every day, Dana Grantee Jesse Schallek and his lab have found ways to see translucent cells at the back of the eye.
Worrying and the Aging Brain
Using a machine learning model, researchers describe how excessive worrying can accelerate brain aging and cognitive decline.
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