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Misinformation Epidemic Raises Stakes for Solutions
Can cognitive-training tools equip people to resist fake news? Are top-down measures necessary? Neuroscientists help sort out what could work.
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Brain Awareness Week Grantee Interview: Rossana C. Zepeda and Claudia Juárez-Portilla
Rossana Citlali Zepeda, Ph.D., and Claudia Juárez-Portilla, Ph.D., are neuroscientists and faculty members of Universidad Veracruzana’s Biomedical Research Center in Mexico. For the past several years, they have been coordinating a series of free, public events for Brain Awareness Week, to shed light on the importan...
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Can Social Prescriptions Improve Cognitive and Mental Health?
Social connectedness gains ground as a formal strategy for reducing health burdens.
Survey Finds Brain Health is a Top Priority for Americans
An executive overview of the Jan 2023 Dana Foundation / Research!America survey of American's views on the brain and brain health.
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Brain Awareness Week Grantee Interview: Adejoke Elizabeth Memudu, Ph.D.
In Edo State, Nigeria, Dr. Memudu and colleagues scheduled some Brain Awareness events in a cascade: starting the discussion on a radio show in the morning and ending with an in-person discussion in the evening.
Dana Alliances: Mission Accomplished
A look back at three decades of education, influence, and outreach.
Tessa Hirschfeld-Stoler Receives 2022 SfN Science Educator Award
Interview with Tessa Hirschfeld-Stoler on the rewards of sharing hands-on science with students of all ages.
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Randy Blakely Receives 2022 SfN Science Educator Award
We chat with Randy Blakey on the satisfactions of mentoring and outreach, paying it forward, and more.
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Brain Awareness Week Grantee Interview: Kristofer Rau, Ph.D.
"There is a place for everyone in neuroscience," says Kristofer Rau, Ph.D. He and his colleagues at Virginia Tech always participate in Brain Awareness Week, as well as outreach events year-round.
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Dana Foundation Awards 11 Planning Grants for Dana Centers for Neuroscience & Society
The Dana Foundation is excited to announce the 11 US-based academic institutions awarded planning grants for potential future Dana Centers for Neuroscience & Society.
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