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Decoding the Canine Mind

Curious about a dog’s perception of the world and how a pooch’s brain works? Gregory S. Berns is using brain scanning and other strategies to find answers.
By Gregory Berns, M.D., Ph.D.

Jump-Starting Evolution

Three years after a best-selling book, a co-author explains how the silver fox-domestication experiment continues to help us better understand genetics and evolution.
By Lee Alan Dugatkin, Ph.D.

Neurosteroids: A Major Step Forward

Research that began three-quarters of a century ago has led to one of the first new drugs to treat depression in 60 years—and the potential to treat much more.
By Carl Sherman

Consciousness: A New Search for Answers

Two leading theories that are diametrically opposed are part of a new $20 million international research program to explore how consciousness arises and correlates in the brain.
By Brenda Patoine



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Neuroethics Column: Troubling Regulatory Standards

By Philip M. Boffey



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