Aging: Replace or Repair?

Guy McKhann, MD
March 2015
Medical problems ranging from hearing loss to Alzheimer's disease can be treated with a "replacement parts" or "extended warranty" strategy.

New Stroke Therapy

Guy McKhann, MD
February 2015
There are still questions to be answered and procedures to be changed, but there are some exciting new therapeutic approaches to stroke.

A Neuroscience Giant

Guy McKhann, MD
January 2015
A tribute to a legend in the neuroscience field, the recently departed Vernon Mountcastle.

Stem Cell Progress

Guy McKhann, MD
December 2014
Certain areas of research generate enormous hype, raising hope that the solutions to some of the unsolved problems of the human brain are just around the corner. This can be a problem in the stem cell field, but progress is being made.

The Truth Behind Brain Games

Guy McKhann, MD
November 2014
The public is often sold the idea that brain games will increase intelligence and delay or reverse the negative cognitive effects of again. Some critics say they are worthless. What's the truth?

A Victory for Clinician Scientists

Guy McKhann, MD
September 2014
The Lasker Foundation's clinical award was given to Alim Louis Benabid and Mahlon DeLong for their development of deep brain stimulation for the treatment of refractory Parkinson’s disease.

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