Mississippi Alliance for Arts Education - 2009

Funded in January, 2009: $25000 for 1 years
With renewed Dana funding, the Mississippi Alliance for Arts Education aims to increase student access to arts education by training artists to work with teachers in K-12 classrooms, demonstrating their art form and its connection to state framework competencies. The MAAE will host a series of six professional development workshops for performing artists and arts specialists. Three workshops will be offered in 2009 with the remaining workshops scheduled in 2010. Four of the six workshops will offer introductory training, a continuation of work begun in 2007. Two workshops will offer more advanced training, emphasizing artists’ work with individual teachers, school faculty and arts residencies.Participants will be selected through a process that includes a review of applications by a panel, and applicant selection will seek a balance among art forms, gender, ethnic diversity, and career experiences. Artists with disabilities will be encouraged to apply. Workshops will be limited to fifteen participants in each introductory level workshop and ten in each of the two advanced workshops. Sessions will be led by experienced teaching artists who are familiar with the goals of the MAAE’s artist training series.