Kentucky Shakespeare Festival

Funded in January, 2009: $25000 for 1 years
Because all of Kentucky Shakespeare Festival’s professional artist educators currently reside in urban areas, long-term residencies at rural schools have proven too costly.  The goal of the proposed project is to identify twenty artists already living in rural areas and provide them with paid professional development, so they can implement the Festival’s curriculums in rural schools.  In April 2009, the twenty artists will travel to Louisville where they will undergo a week-long professional development workshop. In addition, each will be required to participate in a new on-line distance learning program facilitated by the Festival’s Education Director. This four month program will extend through August of 2009 and allow the artists to continue their professional development, while becoming part of an extended community of learners. By September of 2009, the twenty artists will be prepared to enter the classrooms throughout rural Kentucky. During the months of October and November of 2009, the program director and/or assistant director will observe each new artist educator in the classroom at least once, providing direct feedback on their strengths and weaknesses in implementing the curriculum, managing the classroom and providing positive opportunities for youth development. Evaluations of this programming will be on-going with a final report completed by December 30, 2009.