Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire - 2009

Funded in January, 2009: $25000 for 1 years
Funding for the third and fourth years of “Extending the Dance Map: A Northern New England Rural Dance Project” will allow the Alliance to build on the Dana-funded pilot project’s progress toward developing and training a network of dance educators dedicated to teaching in public schools in rural Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.In this second phase, professional development opportunities will continue in all three states, with the goals of supporting the 30 current participants, adding new 25 new trainees, and reaching out to public-school teachers interested in serving as their hosts and partners. The programs, aimed at creating sustainable systems for support of the network, include trainings, convenings, mentorships, and ongoing technology based communication and information sharing.The project operates with a tri-state common framework and communication while simultaneously encouraging individual state initiatives based on resources, geography, and available partners. These state-based projects can then be shared, modified, and replicated – an efficient way to develop sustainable programs.  Each state will develop at least one new partnership with a presenting organization and build connections between these organizations, local dance studios, schools, dancers, and teachers. Statewide gatherings will provide opportunities for trainees to share their experiences as they begin to work in schools on their own; a tri-state gathering will be the culminating event for this phase of the project.