Alabama Institute for Education in the Arts - 2009

Funded in January, 2009: $40000 for 1 years
The Alabama Institute for Education in the Arts received a third Dana grant to train eight to ten Teaching Artists to teach in rural counties throughout Alabama. The project will be modeled after AIEA’s Dana-funded pilot project which trained artists in Alabama’s Black Belt, twelve of the nation’s poorest counties in a state that is also rated at the bottom in education funding.  AIEA will recruit Alabama artists who have received recognition for their work and who desire to work in a rural school environment. Through a sequence of multi-day workshops led by arts integration experts, teaching artists will become familiar with the Alabama Course of Study: Arts Education, acquire skills necessary for effective teaching, analyze how teaching their art form can meet course of study requirements, and begin developing relationships with teachers and rural schools. The goals of the project are: 1) Provide expanded arts education opportunities to students in rural schools with no arts specialist; 2) Expand a cadre of trained teaching artists who can connect their art disciplines to other content areas; and 3) Provide professional development opportunities to rural school teachers to help them implement Arts Course of Study standards in their classrooms.