Young Audiences of Western New York

Funded in January, 2008: $23400 for 1 years
With Dana funding, Young Audiences of Western NY will offer the Western New York Teaching Artist Development Program.  Professional artists in the performing arts from the rural areas surrounding Buffalo will be recruited and trained to replicate, adapt and disseminate existing YA-WNY arts education programs.  Once selected, the new rural TAs are provided with 8 hours of training over the summer that introduces them to YA-WNY’s arts integration methodologies and goals, best practices for working in schools, and the processes for bookings and other logistics. After this overview, in late summer the rural recruits are paired with the existing, or master, TAs to receive training for a specific residency. The master TAs provide 12 hours of training for the new TAs. As the school year begins in the fall, the new TAs observe the master TAs for a full residency, typically ranging from 8-10 sessions. This peer-to-peer learning develops relationships between the urban master TAs and the new rural TAs that will encourage mentoring, TA retention, and improve teaching practice for all participants.  The rural TAs will then go back to their communities to conduct residencies in the local schools.