Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall - 2008

Funded in January, 2008: $30000 for 1 years
The Van Wezel received funding to continue training another tier of local artists to develop arts integrated lesson plans and present them in the classrooms of rural Florida counties.  Selected teaching artists will develop the skills necessary to work in the classrooms alongside teachers and arts specialists in the most isolated and underserved areas of the counties.  Each new teaching artist will be paired with an experienced teaching artist who will coach them in their training, and whose classroom sessions the new teaching artists will observe.  The initial core group of Teaching Artists, trained through previous Dana grants, will undergo deeper training, moving them to a higher level of mastery.  Along with the additional number of teaching artists, more classroom teachers will be added to the project. They will participate in professional development workshops designing arts centered curriculum with Kennedy Center workshop leaders through the Partners in Education program.