Utah Shakespearean Festival

Funded in January, 2008: $40000 for 2 years
The Utah Shakespearean Festival, Southern Utah University and the Iron County School District are creating an Arts Educator Training program, modeled after ArtsBridge America. This project will train university students in the arts and arts education to provide instruction in art, dance, drama, music, and the digital arts in rural schools.  Students will learn classroom methods and prepare cross-curricular lesson plans to engage K-12 schoolchildren in the arts.  The university students will participate in thirty hours of classes/training provided by an arts education professor and an artist from the Utah Shakespearean Festival before entering the classroom.  The students will then be placed in a local rural classroom where they will collaborate with the classroom teacher to create unique lessons in the arts, which will be linked to state standards as well as individual classroom needs.  During this residency, the university students will have one-hour biweekly meetings with the professor to discuss whether or not their teaching methods have been effective.   In addition, the university students will be partnered with a professor in their arts discipline who will act as a mentor. Mentors will attend the students’ classes as well as take an active role in helping the student prepare their classroom curriculum.