Tarleton State University

Funded in January, 2008: $33600 for 1 years
Dana funding will enable Tarleton to provide Level I Orff Schulwerk training for 20 K-8 music teachers, 2 Tarleton music faculty, and 3 Tarleton pre-service music student teachers. Level I establishes foundation knowledge and skills in the Orff Schulwerk method.  Orff Schulwerk is a teaching philosophy developed by the 20th-Century German composer Carl Orff that emphasizes the connections among music, movement and creativity.  Training will be conducted by two American Orff Schulwerk Association certified instructors.  Two follow-up sessions held at Tarleton will provide opportunities for teachers to share experiences, practice activities, and develop a sense of community.  Tarleton Orff project faculty will visit each teacher’s school to provide constructive feedback and encouragement. Faculty also will be available by telephone and email to consult with teachers. The project serves 8 counties totaling 5,349 square miles with an average population density of 30 people/square mile. Of the 21 target school districts, 18 have only one or two K-8 music teachers.