Shakespeare & Company

Funded in January, 2008: $40000 for 2 years
Shakespeare & Company received funding to create and offer a training course for artist educators to teach themes of Shakespeare plays to middle and elementary school students.  The proposed program is modeled on the philosophy and methodology of the Fall Festival of Shakespeare residencies for high school students, where Shakespeare & Company education artists spend 20+ hours a week at schools, directing the residencies, rehearsing the plays, and providing master classes in performance, dance, sword-fighting, and technical theatre. The Fall Festival is specifically designed to meet state curriculum frameworks.  The training for elementary/middle school artists will incorporate many of the Fall Festival curriculum elements but will need to be adapted to the needs and abilities of younger students.  Participants will receive approximately 95 hours of training, 50 of which take place prior to the residency, approximately 15-20 during the residency, and the remainder after the conclusion of the program.  Shakespeare & Company hopes to eventually replicate the program in other rural areas in Massachusetts and New England.