Powder River Symphony

Funded in January, 2008: $50000 for 2 years
Dana awarded funding for the training of in-school music specialists by professional artists and curriculum designers to develop more effective music instruction techniques and more challenging performance standards.  Professional musicians who will be assisting and supplementing the in-school music specialists by teaching music in those same schools will also receive training.  The project will address 4 primary areas: 1) teaching strategies and techniques to be used by professional artists and in-school music specialists that are congruent with the National Standards for Arts Education and utilize Orff approaches appropriate for secondary school performing ensembles; 2) the introduction of high quality music repertoire and materials; 3) the improvement of conducting skills and the ability to use these skills effectively with public school ensembles; and 4) the improvement of performance skills to enhance and refine musicality.Simultaneous trainings will occur at four separate locations in order to reduce the travel time for participants and increase the attendance number of in-school arts specialists.