Piedmont Arts Association

Funded in January, 2008: $5000 for 1 years
Piedmont Arts received funding to train professional artists and teachers for their “Minds in Motion” program. Begun in 1993 by The Richmond Ballet, Minds in Motion is a dance class derived from the methodology of Jacques D’Amboise of National Dance Institute.  One of the defining goals of the program is to make it an integral part of the school curriculum, rather than offering it solely as arts education. This requires the collaborative efforts of the teachers and administrators to help establish the depth and quality of the experience for the students. The program teaches fourth-grade students discipline, dedication and self-awareness by leading them through a series of choreographic movements that must be memorized and expanded upon in each class session. It is not a ballet class, rather a way to teach students the benefits of applying themselves to a task involving both mental and physical challenges.With more trained teaching artists, the program can expand into two additional schools in rural southern Virginia.