National String Project Consortium

Funded in January, 2008: $45300 for 2 years
The National String Project Consortium (NSPC) supports the creation and growth of String Projects at universities across the country. These String Projects provide practical hands-on training for undergraduate string education majors during their college years. The ultimate goal of the NSPC is to have at least one String Project in every state in order to address the national shortage of string teachers. The essence of the String Projects is to encourage young musicians in college to become teachers, rather than just performers. They are recruited into the program, and during four years of practical, hands-on training, the students learn the art of teaching under the supervision of a Master Teacher.Using Dana funds, The NSPC will launch new String Projects at two universities located in rural areas.  Dana funds will be used for the student teachers’ work assistantships, salaries for the Master Teachers and consulting fees for the outside evaluator.