Alabama Institute for Education in the Arts - 2008

Funded in January, 2008: $50000 for 1 years
Dana renewed funding for the Teaching Artist Training Project for Alabama artists to work as teaching artists in the “Black Belt” of Alabama.  The goals of the project are to 1) provide basic arts education opportunities to students in Black Belt schools; 2) develop a cadre of trained local teaching artists who can effectively connect their art disciplines to the other content areas; and 3) provide teachers in Black Belt schools with professional development opportunities so they can effectively implement Course of Study arts standards in their classrooms. Eight new teaching artists, along with the fifteen artists trained as a result of the 2007 Dana grant, will attend a series of workshops designed and taught by nationally recognized teaching artist trainers.  Local schools interested in hosting the trainees for residencies must send classroom teachers and administrators to one of the workshops to involve them in the training as well.  The veteran teaching artists will then spend four-week residencies in several schools and the new artists in two-week residencies. The veteran artists will mentor the new artists.  All trainees will receive follow-up training and evaluation of their residencies.