Utah State University

Funded in January, 2007: $50000 for 2 years
With funding from The Dana Foundation, Utah State University will provide professional development for fulltime music teachers in Utah's rural schools using three modalities: site visits by faculty, remote mentoring using Macromedia Breeze software with two-way audio and video, and summer training in Orff Schulwerk music and movement education on campus. During the site visits, cameras and microphones needed for remote mentoring will be installed and tested, and the USU mentor will observe classes of the teacher and share observations on teaching techniques, organization, classroom management, pedagogy, conducting, methods, materials and musicianship. Following the site visits and for the rest of the school year, mentoring "visits" will consist of weekly remote observation of a particular class and a videoconference follow-up. During these follow-ups, teaching strategies will be discussed and specific goals for improvement will be set. During the summer of 2007, each of the five public school teachers will attend the USU Level I Orff Schulwerk Teacher Training Course.