Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival - 2007

Funded in January, 2007: $40000 for 2 years
With Dana funding, a trainee recruited from a rural community, will receive individualized guidance from Master Jacob’s Pillow artist-educators in the Pillow’s Curriculum in Motion® (CIM) education program. CIM uses teaching residencies to explore choreographic ideas. In these residencies, teaching artists lead students and classroom teachers through an art-making experience in which original movement conveys abstract concepts in math, literature, history, and science. While receiving concurrent training, the trainee will plan, teach and evaluate a 2 two-week residency in a local Berkshire-area school. On-going mentoring will provide the network for pedagogical and artistic support, thus helping address the issue of isolation common to rural areas. Following the residency, the teaching artist trainee will return his own rural community to teach schoolchildren and other artists in the CIM methodology.