Brain Awareness Week Media Tools
This page gathers some resources to share with the media and the public during BAW. Share the "Facts and Figures" document with those who would like more background on BAW, offer the brain facts and quizzes and other materials to journalists who might like to publish them during BAW, or use them on your website, in your newsletter, on social media, etc. For more ideas, please see the Event Ideas page. Questions or suggestions? Contact us at or (212), 401-1689.

Downloadable documents (PDFs):
BAW Campaign Facts and Figures

BAW promotional piece
For printed copies please write us at

“The Brain Through the Ages” fact sheet

“Seven Facts for Seven Days” 
A brain fact for each day of BAW!

Brain Quiz
Ten questions (and answers) on the brain.

Minding Your Memory: Some Practical Tips 
Simple strategies for how to improve the ability to learn and remember new things, at any age. 

Ten Ways You Can be a Brain Advocate

Tips for individuals who want to advocate for brain health and brain research.

Tools for Educating Policymakers
Tips and resources for reaching out to your representatives.

Interacting with Policy Makers 
General guideline for neuroscientists interested in interacting with policy makers in a neuroscience

How to Lead a Laboratory  Tour for Policy Makers
Guideline for conducting tours of institutional research laboratories for policy makers

Primers on the brain
From the Dana Foundation, primers on brain basics, including neuroanatomy, biomarkers and the synapse.

Dana Foundation’s Media Resources
Materials for journalists from the Foundation’s Communications office, including special publications and briefing papers and news on the Foundation’s activities as well as a list of web links for journalists.

Briefing papers from the Dana Foundation
Short papers (each is around 6 pages) that take an in-depth look at timely brain topics. Each is available as a PDF download.

Scientist Q&As from the Dana Foundation
A series of Q&As providing an in-depth look at a featured scientist’s research. Each is available as a PDF download.

Dana Alliance puzzles and coloring sheets
Post to your website or submit to a journalist to run in your local paper during BAW.

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Cardiff University. United Kingdom. BAW 2013.

Cardiff University. United Kingdom. BAW 2013.


BAW Campaign Headquarters

The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives
505 Fifth Avenue, Sixth Floor
New York, New York 10017
Tel: +1 212 401-1689

Kathleen M. Roina

Campaign Director

Simon Fischweicher
Campaign Coordinator

Kathleen and Simon at the BioBus, BAW 2013.