Huntington's Disease


The Hereditary Disease Foundation

The Hereditary Disease Foundation focuses on scientific issues related to genetic diseases, especially Huntington's. Their site is particularly informative about the ethical, legal, and social issues involved with testing for genetic diseases and provides good links to related Internet sites.

Huntington's Disease: Hope Through Research

Huntington's Disease: Hope Through Research is a comprehensive booklet, available online from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (a member of the U.S. government National Institutes of Health), with information on diagnosis and presymptomatic testing, care, community resources, and research.

Huntington's Disease Society of America

Huntington's Disease Society of America has a regularly updated site with extensive information about the disease, what's new in research, and where to find help, as well as a list of publications and videotapes available from the Society.

Dana Articles

Small Interactions, Big Effects: The Future of Huntington’s Disease Treatment

Researchers investigate an FDA-approved diabetes drug that affects effect on energy production in cells.

For ALS, Clues in Different Directions

Symptoms of the disease follow the deaths of motor neurons, but ALS’s ultimate cause may lie elsewhere.

Taking Out The Garbage: New Hope for Treating Neurodegeneration

Dementias, ALS, and Huntington’s show different outward symptoms, but researchers theorize the disease process may be similar—a buildup of proteins that normally are cleared away.