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 3-5 BAW Puzzle thumbnail  

Puzzles for Kids K-12

A new series of fun and challenging puzzles that teach kids about the brain. Organized by grade and age level.
Brain Briefs

Available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and German.
Q&A Answering Your Questions About Brain Research

A series of  one-page downloads based on Q&A booklet, fact sheets, puzzles, and more.
Available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and German.
Q&A: Answering Your Questions About Brain Research
A pamphlet that provides answers to commonly asked questions about the brain and its disorders. Learn whether memory loss is an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease; how brain-imaging techniques have affected neuroscience research and clinical care; what purpose sleep serves for the brain, and more.
mingboggling!_thmb.gif   It's Mindboggling!
Packed with information about the brain in a fun format of games, riddles, and puzzles, this booklet is perfect for secondary school students.

Also available in:
MoreMindbogglersCVR_thmb.jpg   More Mindbogglers 
An addition to It's Mindboggling!, this publication is a closer look at learning and memory, the senses, drug addiction, and how the brain and nervous system work, for elementary and middle school students. 

Also available in: Turkish

Mindboggling Workbook

A fun-filled activity book about the brain for children in grades K-3 (ages 5-9).  Provides an introduction to how the brain works, what the brain does, its importance, and how to take care of it. 

Also available in: Turkish and Portuguese   
 Brain Glossary 
Brain Terms Glossary
Find definitions for common brain terms in our newly expanded glossary.

Successful Aging & Your Brain Bookmark  
This bookmark illustrates four lifestyle factors that may contribute to the maintenance of cognitive function: mental activity, physical activity, social engagement, and the control of vascular risk factors.
Successful Aging & Your Brain

We all know people who seem to blossom after 50, or stay sharp into old age. What can we learn from them? Find out what steps you can take to improve your brain fitness, regardless of age.

Also available in Spanish.
 Learning as we age   Late-Life Mandarin Memory and aging mandarin2  
 Successful Aging & Your Brain: Learning as We Age 
(in Mandarin)
 Successful Aging & Your Brain: Late-Life Brain Disorders
(in Mandarin)
Successful Aging & Your Brain: Memory and Aging
(in Mandarin)