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  • Helen S. Mayberg, M.D.

    Neuroimaging Advances for Depression

    Helen S. Mayberg, M.D. talks about coauthoring our Cerebrum article, “Neuroimaging Advances for Depression,” and her recent move from Emory’s School of Medicine to become the founding director of The Center for Advanced Circuit Therapeutics at Mt. Sinai.

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    Lesson Plans for K-5

    Introducing our new lesson plans for students K-5! Build-a-Brain, Protect Your Brain, and Expose Your Nose each have lesson plans and teacher PowerPoints.

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  • Matthieu Ricard and‎ Wolf Singer’s Beyond the Self: Conversations between Buddhism and Neuroscience (book cover)

    Cerebrum Book Review

    Buddhism shares with science the task of examining the mind empirically. Two friends, one a Buddhist monk trained as a molecular biologist, and the other, a distinguished neuroscientist—offer their perspectives on the mind, the self, consciousness, the unconscious, free will, epistemology, meditation, and neuroplasticity in the book that is the subject of this review.

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Top Stories

Seeking the Earliest Traces of Autism

by Moheb Costandi

With the development of imaging tools that can scan babies’ brains, researchers have learned a great deal about the genetic bases of autistic traits.

Aging and Decision-Making: A Neuroanatomical Approach

by Kayt Sukel

Diminished decision-making appears to be linked not just to a number (your age) but to specific changes in gray matter volume in certain brain areas.

A New Era for Genetics

by Guy McKhann, M.D.

Guy_McKhann_thmbA recent breakthrough in Huntington’s disease research calls attention to a new approach on modifying genetic diseases. Our monthly column for Brain in the News.


Building a Genetic Predictor for Alzheimer’s

by Carl Sherman

Many genetic variants appear to affect a person’s risk for developing Alzheimer’s. Researchers are testing prediction tools that combine known suspicious gene-snips to see if that can better predict who will develop this form of dementia and how fast. 

A Smell Test for Parkinson's Disease?

by Moheb Costandi

The observation that many people with Parkinson’s have diminished sense of smell has led researchers to develop simple sniff tests to help diagnose the disorder. Others are trying to determine exactly how early this sense is lost, to see if they can build a more-precise test to identify people at risk perhaps a decade before other symptoms appear.

The Truth About Research on Screen Time

by Kayt Sukel

Kids and Screentime (thmb)There’s no shortage of articles warning of the negative effects of screen time on kids’ development, but what does the research actually say? Experts weigh in, in our new Briefing Paper.




Neuroimaging Advances for Depression

December 22, 2017

by Boadie W. Dunlop, M.D., and Helen S. Mayberg, M.D.

Neuroimaging Advances for Depression (Spotlight)

Our authors are well equipped to tell us what the future may bring for using neuroimaging to identify various types of depression.

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2018 AAAS Annual Meeting

2/15/2018- 2/19/2018


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11th FENS Forum of Neuroscience

7/7/2018- 7/11/2018

Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS)

Berlin, Germany

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