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Cerebrum Anthology 2014 is now available for purchase on Amazon! The book offers timely and provocative ideas in neuroscience and book reviews from a cross-section of prominent neuroscientists, including recent Nobel Prize winners Edvard and May-Britt Moser, Miguel A.L. Nicolelis, and Temple Grandin. Contact for review copies.
•  Congratulations to Moie Uesugi and Christian Gonzalez, the first and second place winners of our Design a Brain Experiment competition for high school students. Read about their scientific inspirations and aspirations in our blog.
Forty-eight students from thirty-one high schools competed in this year’s NYC Regional Brain Bee Competition at Columbia University. Mary Zhuo Ke, a Manhattan student from Cathedral High, proved victorious after several rounds of increasingly difficult questions. 
Briefing paper: "When the Myth is the Message: Neuromyths and Education
You've Got Some Explaining to Do: Advice for Neuroscientists Writing for Lay Readers, is a compact reference book for scientists writing for non-scientific audiences. Please contact for review copies. Also, read our Q&A with the book's author, Jane Nevins, Dana Press editor-in-chief emerita.