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Welcome to Dana Press, which annually publishes a Cerebrum anthology and an occasional in-house special project. The Press’ 34 former titles include 16 written by Dana Alliance for Brain Initiative members. View the complete list here.

Cerebrum cover 2016

Cerebrum Anthology 2016 offers new and provocative ideas in neuroscience and book reviews from a cross-section of prominent neuroscientists and policy makers, including David C. Van Essen, Shekhar Saxema, Ellen Silbergeld, Karel Svoboda, and Michael Baumann. Drawn from the highly regarded Web edition, article topics include the global mental health crisis, neurotoxins in drinking water, the state of neurofunding, terrorist thinking, and a new approach to epilepsy.




You’ve Got Some Explaining to Do, written by Jane Nevins, is a “must read” for neuroscientists writing for the general public. The author, who served as the first editor in chief of the Dana Press, brings more than 20 years of experience in translating neuroscience to lay readers. This is an easy-to-follow reference book where you can learn about your reader and your voice, common practices that sharpen your writing, and style.  You’ll want to keep it handy.