Young Audiences, Inc. - 2008

Funded in March, 2008: $65000 for 2 years
In 2005, Young Audiences launched Arts for Learning (A4L), a supplemental literacy program that brings together students, classroom teachers, and teaching artists to engage in arts-integrated literacy learning. A4L includes units of instruction designed for implementation by classroom teachers, and complementary residency programs designed for implementation by teaching artists.  Currently, the program reaches over 3,000 students in 10 Young Audiences communities. Young Audiences received funding from The Dana Foundation to support the professional development of teaching artists delivering Arts for Learning residencies. Young Audiences will train 100-150 teaching artists in 15-17 YA communities across the country. Teaching artists will carry out residencies in 12-15 YA communities, reaching 8,000-10,000 students by the end of school year 2009-10.