Theatre Communications Group

Funded in March, 2008: $25000 for 2 years
In an effort to give theatre educators the skills and resources they need to document and report the impact of their work to funders and schools, TCG launched the Theatre Education Assessment Models (TEAM) program.  TEAM addresses the problem of theatre educators having varying levels of expertise in assessment, which poses a challenge when funders and school districts ask to see documentation of student achievement. At the conclusion of the pilot program, TCG had created over 15 assessment models, launched the assessment models on its website and trained over 80 educators in how to adapt the flexible models to their arts programs.TCG received funding from The Dana Foundation to expand the pilot of TEAM to train education directors on using the TEAM assessment models.  Funds will be used to hold teleconferences and a two-day assessment training session for theatre educators across the country. In year one of the grant period, teleconferences will serve 20 educators: over a five month period, educators will call in for a designated hour each month. Led by a member of the Working Group, participants will be assigned lessons to advance their skills. In the second year of the grant period, TCG will hold a two-day training session in New York City on assessment in August 2009.