The Music Center Education Division (Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles County) - 2008

Funded in March, 2008: $65000 for 2 years
The Music Center Education Division received Dana funding for their Teaching Artist Apprentice Program.  The program’s goal is to help new teaching artists gain the skills needed to work in schools through the Music Center's programs.  The Music Center is encouraging schools to build their own capacity to teach the arts. As a result, an increasing number of projects require artists who not only provide in-depth, sequential lessons for students but also model standards-based teaching and coach classroom teachers. The Teaching Artist Apprentice Program consists of workshops, mentor shadowing, apprenticeships in schools and one-on-one evaluation and readiness assessment.  At the end of the program, teaching artists who are ready and willing will be invited to join the MCED roster of artists and will be qualified to teach in Los Angeles County schools.