DreamYard Project, Inc.

Funded in March, 2008: $43000 for 2 years
During school year 2007-08, DreamYard launched the first year of the Bronx Arts Learning Community, a culmination of what the organization has learned from its partners and constituents over the past thirteen years. The Arts Learning Community is a partnership between DreamYard and a cohort of fifteen K-12th grade public schools committed to comprehensive arts learning programs. The goal is to reach 100% of each school’s students and will be based on a four-year research model that will document and assess the impact of these partnerships on school culture, teacher practice and student achievement. Dana Foundation funding enables DreamYard to offer professional development training to support the Arts Learning Community’s teaching artists, classroom teachers, arts teachers and school administrators. The training will identify arts integration practices in teaching and learning, create a shared language among all stakeholders and enable artists to become more proficient at assessing arts integrated curriculum.  Training, which will be offered to 30 teaching artists and 15 partnering schools, will involve workshops, observations and one-on-one coaching.