Creative Leaps International

Funded in March, 2008: $40000 for 1 years
Creative Leaps received funding to offer professional development to the staff of a new model school known as "ArtPeace@East" embedded within East High School in the Rochester City School District of New York.  The ArtPeace School is a new educational model devoted to arts integration presently in its first full year of operations. This year it is working with 80 students at the 7th grade level. Next year, the school will continue its work with those 80 students as 8th graders and bring in a new class of 7th graders.The purpose of the partnership is to train the school's staff of teaching artists, arts specialists, academic area teachers and administrators in the scholarship, strategies and daily practices of arts-based teaching and learning.  The team from Creative Leaps International will work with the ArtPeace School staff over a nine month period beginning in the spring of 2008. The training will take the form of three 2-day intensive retreats and individual and teaching pair coachings.