Center Theatre Group - 2008

Funded in March, 2008: $30000 for 1 years
Center Theatre Group received a third year of funding to continue to train and mentor teaching artists through their elementary after-school creative dramatics program called P.L.A.Y. Up to ten teaching artists are selected to participate in one week of training, developed and conducted by a veteran teaching artist from the Music Center Education Division and teaching artists hired by P.L.A.Y., that focuses on California State Standards in Visual and Performing Arts and best practices of arts education. Five of these teaching artists then continue on through a second week of training and are placed in an elementary after-school creative dramatics program where they are mentored by more experienced teaching artists. The elementary after-school school program leads students through a 22-week process of creating and performing a play based on a children's book.  Successful graduates of the training and mentorship component will be recruited to work with P.L.A.Y. programs and/or receive support from P.L.A.Y. in their search for other professional opportunities in arts education.