Jazz House Kids, Inc.

Funded in March, 2007: $35000 for 1 years
The Dana grant will fund a pilot program of the Jazz Education Professional Development Series. Thirty-two band and choral teachers from public middle and high schools throughout Essex County, New Jersey will have the opportunity to participate in a two-day jazz retreat with world-class jazz ensembles and educators. During the retreat and follow-up sessions participants will receive an array of jazz instruction including: advanced jazz music seminars, technique and instrumental sectionals, jazz transposition, arranging, solo repertoire preparation and fundamentals of improvisation.  The goals of the program are 1) to reinvigorate the music curriculum in the Essex County public schools by enhancing band and choral music teachers' ability to provide high-quality music instruction in the jazz idiom, and 2) to enhance the quality of life, skills, and knowledge base of the music students served by these teachers.