Consider the following ways to reach your target audience:

  • Highlight your event on your organization’s website.
  • Ask your personal and professional contacts, colleagues, and volunteers to help spread the word.
  • Use social media. It's a low-cost and effective way to highlight your organization's work, spread awareness, publicize events, mobilize supporters, and attract new audiences.
  • Be sure to post your event information on the BAW Calendar of Events. Members of the public and media use the Calendar to search for events to attend.
  • Use direct mail, email, and listservs: send announcements to organizations and individuals you feel might have an interest in your program.
  • Advertise in newspapers, newsletters of related organizations, and other publications that reach your target audience.
  • Submit your event information to the calendar listings in your local newspapers and on local television and radio stations.
  • Ask local nonprofit organizations with an interest in science and health to help spread the word about your events via their websites, newsletters, and mailing and email lists.
  • Submit a Public Service Announcement about your BAW activities to your local radio stations. (See Public Service Announcements and Proclamations)
  • Distribute flyers and posters about your events for posting on the activity boards of local organizations such as libraries, hospitals, community centers, gyms/health clubs, houses of worship, community colleges/universities, schools, grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, etc.
  • Collaborate with other BAW Partners to broaden your outreach. Search the Partner List or contact the BAW Campaign Headquarters to identify other partners in your area.
  • Use the Brain Awareness Week logos on advertisements and other promotional materials you produce to tie your event to the global campaign. If you're unable to produce your own promotional materials, use the BAW flyer or poster template in other graphic materials to publicize your event.
  • Maintain contact with your event attendees.  Ask them to join a list to keep them informed about your future activities.

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