The publications and resources of the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and the Dana Foundation offer accessible and reliable news and information about the brain and brain research. 

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All of our print publications are available for download in PDF format, and BAW partners in the United States may order hard copies (unless otherwise noted). 

The Mindboggling Workbook

A fun-filled activity book about the brain for children in grades K-3 (ages 5-9). Provides an introduction to how the brain works, what the brain does, its importance, and how to take care of it. Available for order in bulk quantities by USA BAW partners.
It’s Mindboggling!

Packed with information about the brain in a fun format of games, riddles, and puzzles, this booklet is perfect for middle and high school students. Available for order in bulk quantities by USA BAW partners. 
More Mindbogglers!

An addition to It’s Mindboggling!, this publication takes a closer look at learning and memory, the senses, drug addiction, and how the brain and nervous system work…still in a fun format. Available for order in bulk quantities by USA BAW partners.
Q&A: Answering Your Questions About Brain Research

This booklet provides answers to commonly asked questions about the brain and its disorders. Topics include learning and memory, the senses, genetics, brain injury, mental illness, neuro-imaging, and much more. Available for order in bulk quantities by USA BAW partners.
SAYB_booklet_2017_thmb2 Successful Aging and the Brain

We all know people who seem to blossom after 50, or stay sharp well into old age. What can we learn from their experience? Find out what steps you can take now to improve your brain fitness, regardless of your age. Available for order in bulk quantities by USA BAW partners. 
BITN Newspaper (thmb) Brain in the News

A monthly print publication that features neuroscience articles from around the world and a column from Dana scientific advisor Guy McKhann, M.D. Available by subscription and mailed to addresses worldwide.


All of our online publications and resources are available for download in PDF format. Print and distribute these materials to your BAW audiences.

Puzzles for Kids, Grades K-12

A new series of fun and challenging puzzles that teach kids about the brain. Organized by grade and age level.
The Mindboggling Coloring Sheets

A series of coloring sheets for young children, based on content from the Mindboggling booklets, are available to download and print. The coloring sheets cover brain healthy eating, helmet safety, exercise and brain health, and the five senses.
Q&A Answering Your Questions About Brain Research Fact Sheets

A series of fact sheets for adults based on the content from our Q&A: Answering Your Questions about Brain Research booklet.
Brain Briefs Fact Sheets 

A new series of fact sheets for adults covering various topics in neuroscience.
BAW Favorites Puzzles Series

Ten classic puzzles for all ages.
Brain Terms Glossary

Find definitions for common brain terms in our newly expanded glossary.

Successful Aging & Your Brain DVD Program

This 29-minute DVD program uses footage of neuroscience experts from live Successful Aging & Your Brain forums to address topics such as changes in the aging brain, memory, and the science behind the healthy brain practices that may help us stay sharp. Pair with the Successful Aging & Your Brain booklet and bookmarks for a program in brain fitness and successful aging.

An online, interdisciplinary journal of ideas about how brain science is changing our lives. Articles and book reviews from the world’s leading scientists and scholars tell the story in a language you can understand, with the evidence, arguments, and context you need to reach your own conclusions. Cerebrum authors interpret, apply, and challenge brain research in voices that are original, authoritative, and provocative. 

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