What your pet hamster can teach us about obesity.

Description: Join us for a Brain Awareness week Cafe Scientifique at the National Science and Media Museum, Bradford, UK. Dr Gisela Helfer is a neuroendocrinologist who works at the University of Bradford: With a worldwide obesity crisis, what new approaches are there to help people lose weight? Seasonal animals like hamsters adapt their physiology to an ever-changing environment, altering their appetite, bodyweight and metabolism to cope with variation in food availability and environmental conditions. Hamsters gain or lose almost half their bodyweight depending on the season, and they know to do this because their brains interpret the length of daylight hours to alter their physiology. This talk will explore how understanding the brain systems in seasonal animals helps us understand ourselves. The event is part of the museum's Lates opening, which is open to all members of the public and we will run the discussion twice, at 6.45 pm and 8.00
Event Dates: March 14, 2019  6:45PM to March 14, 2019  9:30PM
Address: National Science and Media Museum

United Kingdom
Event Type: Other
(Cafe Scientifique public discussion)
Audience: General Public
University of Bradford
Contact Name: Marcus Rattray
Contact Phone: 01274 236475
Contact Fax:
Contact E-mail: m.rattray@bradford.ac.uk
Website: www.bradford.ac.uk

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