Neuroscience Workshops

Description: The Neuro-Ignite workshop series introduces neuroscience concepts in a highly interactive manner, with a curriculum designed to excite middle school and high school students about the field of neuroscience and beyond. These workshops integrate technology, hands-on activities, experiments, and online resources to introduce students to the science of the brain and nervous system. 
Event Dates: January 10, 2017 to April 25, 2017
Event Ends: April 25, 2017
Address :

California, United States
City: Cerritos
US State: California,
Event Type: Workshop
Audience: Elementary school students(1-5), High school students(9-12), Middle school students(6-8)
Registration Required?: Yes
Organizing Institution(s): Synapse
Sponsoring Institution(s):
Contact Name: Karishma Muthu
Contact Phone: 5629163587
Contact Fax:
Contact E-mail:

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