Matthew F. Glasser, Ph.D.

Matthew F. Glasser, Ph.D.Matthew F. Glasser, Ph.D., a medical student at Washington University in St. Louis, completed his Ph.D. training with David Van Essen. Glasser has over a decade of experience in brain imaging research with a focus on brain anatomy and brain imaging methods development, and has authored or coauthored 41 peer-reviewed articles. He is best known for his work on reconstructing the arcuate fasciculus, the main connection between the brain’s language areas; for developing novel or improved methods for mapping cortical areas, such as mapping the amount of neuronal insulation, called myelin, of the cortical grey matter based on clinical T1-weighted / T2-weighted MRI images; and for producing a new multi-modal map of the human cerebral cortex. Glasser is pursuing clinical training in neuroradiology to be a physician-scientist neuroradiologist.